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Amber Arnold reviewed USA Family Karate
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My daughter loves it here!! She looks forward to her classes each week. She shows everybody what she has learned:)

Brent Snyder reviewed USA Family Karate
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My 4 yr old absolutely loves it there at usa family karate and Mr. O'Neil it has thought him alot and now my 13yr old does the Jujitsu classes and he absolutely loves it. They are very family oriented people highly recommend it.

Ang Fleming reviewed USA Family Karate
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My son has really loved attending Karate classes here for almost 2 years now. Sensei O'Neal is an amazing teacher. He is so good with the kids and teaches focus, control, self discipline and instills self confidence in his pupils. Best Karate Dojo in town!!!

Tina Bowsman reviewed USA Family Karate
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Great place and instructor. Very patient. My daughter loves going there and participating.

Kimberly Moore reviewed USA Family Karate
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My daughter loves her Karate classes. Mr. and Mrs. O'Neil are great people. They teach the kids so many important life lessons (not just kicking). You only have to watch Mr. O'Neil teach for five minutes and it becomes quite obvious that he loves what he does. We originally planned to just have her attend the six week trial. It's been over a year now and we are still going strong!

Bentinganan Vic Jill reviewed USA Family Karate
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Great instructor with tremendous patience with kids of all different temperaments. Aaron is growing and maturing with each class and he finds the classes fun while learning real skills. Thanks Mr. O' Neal for all you do!

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The Shopper’s Self Defense Guide

Holiday shopping can be a thrill. In a good way and even in a bad way. Adding a little self
defense mentality can go a long way.

Self Awareness

You have society on your side. Potential criminals (for the most part) won’t just obnoxiously run
up to you in front of a crowd and take your things.

These criminals are looking for an opportune situation. As long as you are aware of your
surroundings, you can prevent yourself from ever falling into one of these situations.

Your own body is a part of your surroundings. It would be a foolish decision to count cash in
public. This is something you should be aware of, and instead count your cash privately.

The ultimate holiday shopping self defense tip is to simply be aware. Be aware of where a
potential pick pocket is, and what a potential pick pocket is looking for.

The Pick Pocket

Pickpockets thrive on holiday shopping. There are crowds of people, loaded with cash and
jewelry who know nothing about practical self defense.

Get inside the mind of the pick pocket. They are looking for crowds. Pay attention when in a
crowd. Don’t forget where all your belongings are.

Avoid dark areas. Keep your wallet in your front pockets. Don’t let your bag or purse hang
behind you. Everything valuable should be positioned up front where your eyes and hands can
follow them at all time.

Wear simple, comfortable, and non-flowing clothing. The biggest aspect of holiday shopping self
defense is being prepared. Pay attention and stay safe.

Dealing With Your Car

Another holiday shopping hotspot for thieves is your vehicle.

Pay attention to where you parked. Don’t park in a dark corner. Park where it’s bright. Even if
this means you have to park further away, putting yourself in a favorable position is the
centerpiece of holiday shopping self defense.

Pay attention when you finish shopping. The walk back to you car is the most dangerous. The
criminals know that you are finished with all of your holiday gifts and exhausted. Have your keys
ready in hand, and don’t waste any time.

Pay attention to your surroundings, get to your car, and get out. If you are worried about your
situation, then don’t be scared to ask a security guard to escort you.